Dynamical systems

This will be a school on dynamical systems in a rather wide sense, including weak KAM theory and Arnold diffusion (Cheng, Seara), weak solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi evolution equations (Cheng, Wei), small denominators and KAM theory (Eliasson, Kuksin), PDE's (Cheng, Eliasson, Wei , Kuksin) and ergodic theory (Cheng, Luzzatto). There will other speakers such as Anna Miriam Benini (Rome), who will give a mini-course and a talk on complex dynamics.

Scientific Committee : ChongQing Cheng , Qiaoling Wei, Hakan Eliasson, Sergei Kuksin , Stefano Luzzatto .

local organizing committee : Ajaya Singh, Dhana Kumari Thapa, Bishnu Hari Subedi, Abatar Subedi, Ruma Managemen.

Conférenciers :

Informations pratiques

Central Department of Mathematics, Institute of Science and Technology, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal http://www.edmathtu.edu.np